About SCA

At Sunrise Christian Academy, we believe that while athletics are important in developing principles that can supplement our walk with God, they cannot replace church, family or academics. We also believe that God has given each and every student unique abilities in a variety of platforms.  

For that reason, we have developed a multi-tiered men’s basketball program that allows students from different backgrounds, whether they be socioeconomic, ethnic, or life experience compete at a level that best suits their ability to glorify God through their play.  

To better understand the mission and goal of each level please read the following outlines: 

High School Varsity Elite

Elite consists of some of the top players in the US and around the world. Graduates of this program commonly play NCAA Division 1 Basketball after leaving Sunrise. The program has seen a myriad of success on the floor, but the achievement this team has had in discipling on major university campuses has been the most rewarding part of the success of this program. Many players have taken the lessons taught to them during the their time at SCA to create small groups or Bible studies on their respective campuses. While at SCA they are held to the same academic requirements as all other students. The Elite team plays throughout the U.S. in some of the biggest, high level tournaments in the world.

Sunrise Christian Select

Select consists of both U.S. and international students that have aspirations to play at the next level. These players have been identified as having the God given talent necessary to do so, but need to be developed in the skills of the game. The Select team plays regionally throughout the Midwest and South. These students are held to the same academic requirements as all undergraduate students. These students receive daily discipleship in Bible classes, as well as Bible Study on Wednesday and Sunday nights. They also attend church each Sunday.

Prep (Post-Grad Basketball)

Prep consists of players who choose to postpone their freshman year of college to compete in basketball at a post graduate school. There are several motivations for this route, including but not limited to: increasing skill, improving GPA and/or test scores, or increasing exposure. Nearly all of these players will play at the next level, and our goal is to create disciples in Christ in our short time with them. They attend Bible and online college courses. This team competes throughout the nation against other post graduate teams.